We understand that buying a property is a big emotional and financial commitment, so ensuring that your purchase is backed by the very best advice and guidance from an experienced and personable Chartered Surveyor, is vital to making an informed choice. We will share your passion, excitement and anxieties; after all it’s part of taking that big step, whether it’s your first time on the property ladder or whether you have purchased property before.

Whatever your requirements, we provide a full range of property surveys and inspections and residential property valuations. The service that is right for you depends on your particular property and individual requirements. Because we’re independent, we offer professional bespoke advice, tailored to your needs. Kempston-Parkes, Chartered Surveyors already works with many established estate agents in your area, so you can instruct us to survey your property directly and independently.


You may be unclear about what type of survey you will need, so to get things started, why not call us for a no-obligation consultation over the phone, so that we can advise you on the best route forward. We can discuss the type of property in question, its location, age, size and layout and your aspirations. We will then guide you through the process and recommend the level of inspection that we feel is appropriate to your needs. Once the report is complete, it doesn’t end there. You can expect ongoing support from us throughout the process and we will be on hand to answer your questions. If you want us to walk around the property with you again, to put potential defects into context, then we can arrange that with you too. It may help to put your mind at ease. We ultimately aim to offer reassurance amidst uncertainty.

At Kempston-Parkes Chartered Surveyors, we offer broad levels of inspection and produce reports that are appropriate to your requirements.


This is where we value the property you want to purchase. This inspection will typically take 30-60 minutes and we will provide you with a short report, detailing the open market valuation and building insurance valuation. We also carry out Matrimonial Valuations, Valuations for Probate, in fact for any purpose. We will also liaise on your behalf with Solicitors or the Valuation Office Agency.



A Homebuyer Report is recommended for the vast majority of properties built from about 1900 onwards, that are of traditional construction and have not been significantly altered or extended. Its aim is to provide a snapshot of the overall condition of the property and to identify those areas that need further investigation. It includes a property valuation and a figure for insurance purposes. The inspection can take up to four hours, with the output being a 20-30 page report outlining the condition of the property, putting any defects into context. A detailed explanation is conveyed to the potential buyer with the ability to talk through the report at length.



The Building Survey is a more detailed, comprehensive report about the condition of a property. It can take several hours to complete and is recommended for properties built prior to about 1870, have been significantly extended or altered or are listed. Every accessible part of the property is inspected and all defects examined and repairs outlined. Technical information about the property’s construction and materials are detailed. Proposals are made for any further special inspections and subsequent work required on the property.



We offer a full service in the commercial sector which includes:

  • Commercial Surveys
  • If you are either buying or taking a lease on commercial premises, as with residential properties, you need to be confident and assured that the property is in good condition and you will not be faced with unexpected problems and repairs. Most commercial leases, unlike a residential tenancy, are written so that the tenant is responsible for most (if not all) repairs, and tenants should be aware from the outset of their ongoing repairing liability throughout the lease term.  Some commercial leases for example require the tenants to not only repair and maintain the property during the lease term, but also to put it into better repair at the end! We can carry out pre-purchase/lease surveys and provide you with our opinion on the condition of the property and the need for repairs and improvements, and any other onerous liabilities.
  • Commercial Valuations
  • In addition to commercial surveys, we can also advise on the value of either a commercial property you may be buying, or the appropriate rent if you are thinking of renting a commercial property. In our experience most tenants fail to negotiate the rent when taking a lease, and our surveyors, as with buying a commercial property, will advise you of the appropriate rental.
  • Commercial Property Acquisitions
  • We advise and negotiate on behalf of potential buyers and tenants who are looking to acquire commercial property, ensuring they obtain the best deal or limit their liability under a new lease.
  • Rent Reviews/Lease Renewals  
  • Rent reviews and lease renewals are complicated, especially to those with limited experience. Both require a thorough understanding of Landlord and Tenant law, as well as the commercial property market which involves detailed knowledge and analysis of market transactions. Michael Hare has a Masters degree in advanced commercial property law, and has for many years been considered one of the leading commercial property surveyors in this sector in the Harrogate area.
  • Commercial Agency
  • Whilst we are not involved in commercial sales or lettings directly, we work closely with other leading commercial property agents in Harrogate and can introduce you to the appropriate agent for the property you may be wanting to sell or let.


Party Wall Notices:

Should you or a neighbour intend to build, repair, demolish or excavate grounds within 6 meters of your neighbours party wall; you may need to service a notice. The Party Wall Act 1996 works to allow such works between the building owner and adjoining owner, but must be carried out in accordance by a Party Wall Surveyor. The type and time length of notice will depend of the notifiable works. At Kempston-Parkes we offer a free initial consultation, we can visit your property and run through this process with a clear guide of expected costs. Please contact us to discuss this service further.



If there is a damp problem, a leaky roof or significant black mould growth in your property, we can help diagnose the problem and advise on what remedial works are necessary.

Our team of highly qualified Chartered Surveyors will be here to assist and help you.



You will need to ensure that you have the right inspection for your property, offering you peace of mind before you make that large financial investment.

The costs of our services are dependent on a number of factors including the type of property inspected, its age, size and location. We can discuss the expected costs with you before you commission us to carry out an inspection.